was born ...

when its founder realized the primary need, common to every human being, to have a goal, a motivation and a project that makes us get up every morning.

For some, the main motivation is family or work. PARTEM Project also likes to think of those who simply need to pursue dreams or give life to ideas without lucrative goals.



PARTEM Project aims to be a platform for project collaboration

where you are invited to

participate in an existing project

share your own project

invite others to join your project

assist others in their projects by sharing your experience or knowledge

You may prefer to carry out certain projects on your own, but thanks to PARTEM Project, you will always be able to share your steps and achievements and thus encourage and motivate other users.

Is there a project that is close to your heart and that you have always wanted to do but, due to lack of time, knowledge or encouragement, has never seen the light of day?

The principle of sharing and mutual aid in the Partem Project community makes it possible to make your ambitions and experience known in order to carry out and complete projects more easily!

PARTEM Project also understands the importance of providing the services of this platform.

Accessibility for all is our priority !

By the same token, no application or monetary exchange will be requested for your participation in the projects.